what i’ve been reading (part 2)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’ve been reading. Partly because I haven’t been reading much!

I left off in September and got a lot of suggestions of other books to read. One kept coming up: Me Before YouIt was available at the library, so I picked it up. I don’t think I put it down until I finished. So, so good. Of course, it doesn’t help that it takes place in a little English village and I love anything English, but the story would have been just as good anywhere. I love the way JoJo Moyes writes. It feels like I’m there. This book will rip your heart out (kind of in a good way), but I still recommend it!

I had heard good things about This is Where I Leave Youand was looking forward to checking out the movie after finishing the book. I tried, but I just couldn’t hang with it. Maybe a little too cynical for my taste? I may try to pick it up again in a few months, but November just wasn’t the time. I was getting ready for the end of my class. Jesse was in Taiwan for almost two weeks. And the holiday season was starting. No book for November.

No book for December either. I think after class I wanted to veg out for a while. The holiday season is busy anyway.

That brings us to January! I was feeling rested after the chaos of a busy few months, and was ready to read again! I received a few books for Christmas that I had been hoping to check out. One of which was The Girl You Left BehindIt’s also by JoJo Moyes. I really think I liked this better than Me Before You. I finished this one in about a week (thank you nap time!). This book left me crying because I just felt so happy. I hope this is made into a movie, because A) I think it’d be beautiful and B) I’d love to see this story play out. I have a list of people interested in borrowing it already. I mean – it’s so good.

So now, I get to pick what’s next! I do have a couple of books in mind, but February is a shorter month and I’ll be working for Valentine’s Day. I think I’ll do Paper Towns next. John Green’s books tend to be quicker reads, and it’s coming out as a movie this year!

As always I’d love suggestions!