7 months.

We are closer to Henry’s first birthday than we are his birth day. I just can’t get over how new and old it feels at the same time.

The 7th month has been just as fun as the 6th – watching him crawl around and his personality develop even more. He is curious and on the move all the time. He has no fear. None at all. He doesn’t quite get that just because it’s there and you can grab it doesn’t mean it’s sturdy and safe (curtains for example. or pillows on the couch.) The dog bowls and Jesse’s records are still his favorite spots to crawl. And he’s started this weird, but really funny, thing where he bucks like a horse. I can’t imagine it’s easy on his knees. And he started eating food. Peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes are what he likes so far. Bananas and apples not so much. Who doesn’t like apples?!

The helmet is now gone! And I miss it. Not the smell or the cleaning or the driving to Dallas for 10 minute appointments. But he rocked it, and the helmet made his face look so young. Taking the helmet off makes his sweet little face look so much more mature. The benefit of no helmet? Better snuggles! He’s only had two bumps sans helmet. Only one of those was tear worthy. So, we’re doing pretty well!

Here are some pictures from the past month. Enjoy! Clearly getting a good monthly shot is proving to be more and more difficult as he gets older. We tried two separate times last week!


















The Stewpot Ladies’ Tea

Did I get that apostrophe right?

One of the biggest struggles of staying at home is “losing” my identity. Of course it’s not gone, but sometimes I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing much while at home. (I know that is not true, but it’s just how I feel some days.) I loved my job. Absolutely loved it. I loved the people I worked with and for. I loved the mission. I loved how each day was different. I loved witnessing the generosity of people. And I felt like I was contributing to something worthwhile. Part of my heart will always be with The Stewpot. The decision to stop working wasn’t an easy one, but it was the best decision for us as a family. One of the biggest blessings, though, has been remaining a part of The Stewpot family as a volunteer. I truly get the best of both worlds.

A few months ago I joined the committee to plan the annual Women’s Tea. It’s an event that started 12 (I think) years ago to reach out to women on the streets and inform them of services that they can receive. Last year we decided it needed an overhaul. A few of us (employees and volunteers) worked months to create an afternoon where 80 women could come in off the streets and feel like a lady. Girls, you know what I mean – sometimes, you just need to feel pretty and special. It kind of gives you a little boost and refreshes you. So, we revamped the whole event and introduced beauty stations. Ladies got to pick a purse, received makeup samples, had their hands rubbed with a fancy salt scrub, and the list goes on. There’s a fashion show every year, so we kept that. A lady came in and did all the participants’ make up. Live music. Fresh flowers. The list goes on – it was such a special day. The ladies talked about it for days.

The event was such a success because so many people were so generous with their gifts and donations. The Stewpot only paid for the meals each lady received. Everything else was given to us! As we gear up for this year, we only lack a few things. I know this is a season where lots of bible studies, book clubs, employers, etc. want to find something to donate to. We would love, love, love to have your donations.

Currently we’re lacking:

  • nail polish
  • small hair brushes
  • rain ponchos
  • throw sized blankets

There’s a video going around right now – the one where a homeless veteran gets a makeover. That’s what this tea does for ladies – they feel pretty and valuable again. They laugh, have fun, enjoy food and gifts. Their posture changes as they walk throughout the room.

If you’re interested in donating, we’d love to have you be a part of this special day.

*And because I feel like they deserve it, these are the florists who are supporting us this year:

  • DIRT Design Studios
  • GRO Designs
  • McShan Florist
  • Mockingbird Florist
  • Whole Foods
  • Central Market
  • Cebolla