4 months.

4 months. A third of a year. Our lil’ guy is not so little anymore. 

Today we went to his 4 month well visit. He weighed 15 lbs.15 oz – 75th percentile for babies his age. The past month was full of fun milestones. A few weeks ago he started wiggling in his crib and ending up with his head at the other end. He started grabbing things and picking them up while on his play mat. This weekend, though, was a big one! Henry found his feet on Friday, had his first swim on Saturday, and rolled over from back to belly on Sunday. The past three nights he’s slept from about 9:30 or 10 till 7:45AM!

I think we’re finding our groove. Henry rebounds well if we’re out and he misses a nap or if his “schedule” gets off a little bit. Being a mom is definitely a challenge for my personality – I love structure and predictability. In fact, I often feel lost without either of those, but I’m learning to be a little more flexible. 

Next up: solid food and sitting on his own. Each new thing is so exciting. Jesse and I are pretty proud of our sweet little guy!






3 months.

Since Henry is almost 4 months old, I suppose it’s time for a 3 month post. 

The first 3 months went by way too fast. I got an update from an app I use letting me know that my baby is no longer a newborn. He’s an infant now. Thanks for reminding me that the days and weeks go by in a flash.

His third month has included lots of drool, lots of reaching and grabbing, and lots of sweet little giggles. Henry also had his first sleepover at Nana and Grandad’s! He moved into his room at night several weeks ago. And he had his first trip to the doctor for something other than a well visit. He was 14 lbs 9 oz at that visit, so I think he’s growing just fine. His new favorite thing is the exersaucer my brother and sister in law bought him. Oh, and he looooves watching Grey’s Anatomy with me. Every day is something new – he can reach a little bit further or stay on his tummy a little bit longer. The rate of development in the first year of a child’s life is incredible!

You know when you are just waiting for life to slow down for a bit, but it never does? That’s how I feel with Henry – I wait for the day when I feel like I’ve got this mom thing down, but he’s always changing, so I’ll probably never feel like I have it down. It’s very stretching – I like perfection and control and neither are to be achieved or attained. So, I just try to soak in every day with him and enjoy every little face and giggle – like really soak it in. I want to capture every little thing in a picture or video, but sometimes I really have to remind myself to just set the camera down and take it all in. Because this is a whole lot of amazing to take in.