35 weeks. already?

time has flown by. it’s nuts. 35 weeks along. just 5 weeks away from our due date, which is a loose term i know.

some of my dearest friends hosted a shower for me a few weeks ago. and i was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. especially the hostesses – my friends megan, monica, ashley, and wendy. we still want to get a few more things, but all of the basic necessities are covered. so thank you to everyone who has blessed us with a gift for lil’ baby.


the spread. food is important, y’all.


and just a couple of other shots from the shower.

so now i suppose the real countdown is on. and things are getting a little more real. jesse and i completed 6 weeks of birthing classes. my philosophy so far has been to not really think too much about anything, otherwise i’ll get completely overwhelmed and stress out. so far it’s worked out well. i don’t feel nervous about delivery. i’m just eager to meet this baby!

speaking of baby – he/she will have a place to sleep. the crib mattress came in this week, so the room looks a little more complete. we’re still waiting on our glider. and then i think we’re done for a bit until we know if baby m is henry or olivia. i really love the nursery. roger and i spent some time in there a few days ago admiring the bedding. today i framed some prints ordered from tinyfawn. they will look so great above the crib.


the cute new animal prints.


he really is the sweetest.

hopefully our glider will come in within the next week and the room will be done! clothes are washed. plenty of diapers ready to go. now all we need is baby m.

and finally… a belly picture from earlier today.



the biggest help.

growing a child is tough work, y’all. not necessarily the physical part, but the knowing what to do. i feel like every other woman who gets pregnant and has a child just has it all together, like she just knows what to do automatically. i know that is just a part of our social media society – everyone gets to flaunt the best parts of themselves, but let me confess – i have no idea what’s going on!

everyone is really quick to give advice (thanks guys!) but how do you know what will work for you? it’s every type a person’s worst nightmare trying to plan for something you just cannot plan for completely. so, i’ve put together a list of resources/people who have helped make me feel a little less crazy and unprepared.

Lucie’s List – i don’t really remember how i stumbled upon this website, but i’ve really learned a lot. she has a list of what you really need to register for and recommends the best of each for different price points. there are millions of baby products, surely i don’t need them all. this list narrows it down to the bare minimum. the weekly emails are helpful, too.

My friend, Kat – Kat is one of my dearest friends from college. she has the sweetest little son, and i trust her opinion, so i sent the recommended registry list from lucie’s list to her to look over and let me know what she actually uses. this is what i got back. websites and blogs are helpful, but to have someone you know and trust available to answer questions is invaluable. i printed this off, made notes, and went to town registering. ps – registering online is so much better than going to the store.

The Nappy Shoppe – i’ve decided that i want to cloth diaper. it’s good for the environment. and let’s face it – good for our budget. and if we can invest some money up front, but save in the long run, why not? but again, i found myself absolutely clueless, so i took a class last saturday. there are so many types of cloth diapers it’s ridiculous. the all in one, pre-fold and cover, pocket, all in two… and then throw in the sizes. it’s crazy. the nappy shoppe offers classes for $15. and the best part? you get a coupon for $15 after the class to go towards a purchase in the store. the ladies there didn’t grow weary of my hundreds of questions. by the time i left, i felt pretty confident in my decision to cloth diaper and walked away with some cute little covers. rest assured, if you babysit you can use disposables.

Breastfeeding 101 – i stumbled across this book on a visit to half price books about a month ago. it’s a quick read and straight to the point. i can’t vouch for my success nursing yet, but i do feel like this will be a great reference if a question or issue comes up. it’s easy to understand and i felt more informed after reading.

these probably won’t be the best resources for everyone, but i feel less overwhelmed. the truth is i just can’t be 100% prepared. and understanding that has given me a lot of freedom. i do know this baby is loved already and we’re eager to meet him or her. 8 short weeks till our due date. we just can’t even wait.