11 months.

Month 11 was marked by laughter and joy! Not a lot of sleep, but lots of fun and giggles. 

Henry’s personality is strong. He’s independent. He’s curious. He’s so smart. He tinkers with everything – lifts things, turns things, presses thing – all to figure out how it all works. That part of him is Jesse clear as day. And he’s friendly and outgoing. He loves to watch people and make them laugh. He’s also feisty. He wants what he wants when he wants it. And that comes from me. 

Month 11 brought another tooth, so we’re up to four. Oh how I wish I could take a picture. He has the two center bottom teeth and two top teeth, but not the center ones. We call them his fangs. It’s so cute, but he won’t let us get a picture of it. He stands and takes a step or two occasionally. If he’s in front of us he just lunges instead of trying to walk.

This is a good gig – getting to be his mom. I can’t believe we’re so close to a year! I guess I thought I would feel different – like I was a professional or something. I’m not. I thought this would be easy – you other moms make it look like a breeze. It just hasn’t been for me, though. A lot of it is battling my selfishness. But I’ve been learning that where I’m weak the Lord is strong and he sustains me. 





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