9 months.

If I were a good blogger I would have posted a fancy Christmas update, but you know – I’ve got dishes to do and diapers to change. So I’ll just lump Christmas and the New Year into Henry’s 9 month post. 


The week before Christmas Henry had a nasty smoker’s cough. We went to the doctor two days in a row, but nothing! So we felt grateful that he didn’t have any infection, but at the same time frustrated because there was no answer or solution to make his cough and runny nose go away. But lo and behold – it was just a tooth! His very first tooth!


Henry felt loads better by the time Christmas came. Christmas always feels rushed, but we had a great time with our families. And it just felt a little bit magical again. Jesse and I had lots of good discussion about how we want to have fun at Christmas with Henry – presents and Santa and watching our favorite holiday cartoons, but in all of that pointing back to Jesus and why we celebrate. 


Then the New Year came around. And that celebration just looked different for us this year. First of all, can we agree that New Year’s Eve never quite lives up to the hype? Or is that just my experience? I used to always feel amped up thinking I’m going to have some epic, life-changing celebration and it’s always just kind of so-so. Last year some friends hosted a pajama party. We had breakfast for dinner and just hung out – and it was the best NYE celebration so far. That’s so much more my speed anyway – no frill or fuss. We continued the pj party tradition this year at our house because there were a lot of babies and kids in the mix. People showed up around 6:30 and left by 9:30. We went to bed by midnight and woke up in 2014. 

The new year brought another first – the flu. Henry started coughing again and we could see another tooth, so we thought “Teething. We got this.” And then I started feeling sick. Henry woke up one night with a 102 fever. It was gone by the morning, but I woke up feeling awful. We both went to the doctor that day. He tested positive for strain A (swine flu, what up?!) and I tested negative. You can add the flu, flu vaccine, and treatment of the flu to the long, silly list of debates concerning how you raise your children. If you and your baby have been prescribed Tamiflu, just do yourself a favor and don’t google it! I got so freaked out, but finally found peace after remembering A) We really love our pediatrician. We trust him and the entire office. B) God is in control. And he is good. That gave me freedom to give Henry the medicine without worry. And Jesse and I still feel grateful we gave Henry the flu vaccine. We know that his bout with it could have been so much worse had he not received it. 

Our little guy is still rocking it out in the 75th percentile for just about everything. We’re just waiting for him to take off on his own walking. He’ll stand for a couple of seconds at a time. We practice walking around the house while I hold onto his fingers. He thinks “No” is funny. He picks up puffs, yogis, and toast to eat with his fingers. He loves to roll over when I’m changing a poopy diaper and drag his foot through it. He makes the cutest face when we’re outside and the wind blows. Basically he’s awesome. 

God has been so faithful to our little family the past 9 months. We’re excited for the new year and what it holds for us. What we can say after a year of unmet expectations, loss, and lots of change is that the Lord has seen us through it all. He has written an even sweeter story for us than we could have ever written for ourselves. 


Henry with the Olympic torch!








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