7 months.

We are closer to Henry’s first birthday than we are his birth day. I just can’t get over how new and old it feels at the same time.

The 7th month has been just as fun as the 6th – watching him crawl around and his personality develop even more. He is curious and on the move all the time. He has no fear. None at all. He doesn’t quite get that just because it’s there and you can grab it doesn’t mean it’s sturdy and safe (curtains for example. or pillows on the couch.) The dog bowls and Jesse’s records are still his favorite spots to crawl. And he’s started this weird, but really funny, thing where he bucks like a horse. I can’t imagine it’s easy on his knees. And he started eating food. Peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes are what he likes so far. Bananas and apples not so much. Who doesn’t like apples?!

The helmet is now gone! And I miss it. Not the smell or the cleaning or the driving to Dallas for 10 minute appointments. But he rocked it, and the helmet made his face look so young. Taking the helmet off makes his sweet little face look so much more mature. The benefit of no helmet? Better snuggles! He’s only had two bumps sans helmet. Only one of those was tear worthy. So, we’re doing pretty well!

Here are some pictures from the past month. Enjoy! Clearly getting a good monthly shot is proving to be more and more difficult as he gets older. We tried two separate times last week!


















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