6 months.

Half of a year! In some ways it seems like Henry’s been here longer and in some ways it still feels so new.


Yesterday was Henry’s 6 month check up. He weighed 18 lbs 4 oz which puts him in the 65th percentile for his weight. He’s 27 3/8 inches long, the 75th percentile. Another inch and he’s out of the infant carrier. He’s had the helmet for 5 weeks now, and we’re guessing he has 4 more to go.

This kid is on steroids or something. In the past month Henry has conquered pulling up in his crib to his knees AND FEET. He’s mastered the art of crawling and is completely mobile. He didn’t even mess around with the army crawl – straight to hands and knees. His two favorite places to crawl are Roger’s water bowl and to Jesse’s records. So next month expect an update that he’s running laps or something ridiculous. Henry also loves to be outside. When the weather’s nice we take a blanket out to the front yard so he can crawl around. He never stays on the blanket – he heads straight to the grass to play with it. We gave solids a try, but he wasn’t really a fan, so we’re taking a break.

We celebrated his 6 month birthday in Little Rock – his first road trip. And last for a while 🙂 Another first – being sick. We just can’t figure out what’s going on, but little man is not feeling great. We’re hopeful that it’ll clear up soon.

Here’s what I’ve learned about parenting (and humanity in general) this month: the grass is greener syndrome knows no age. It’s hilarious to see Henry playing with a toy, put it down, and go straight to Roger’s toy. When Roger runs off with it Henry gets so upset! He was content until he saw something he couldn’t have. We didn’t teach him that. So there you have it, we’re all greedy from the beginning.








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