4 months.

4 months. A third of a year. Our lil’ guy is not so little anymore. 

Today we went to his 4 month well visit. He weighed 15 lbs.15 oz – 75th percentile for babies his age. The past month was full of fun milestones. A few weeks ago he started wiggling in his crib and ending up with his head at the other end. He started grabbing things and picking them up while on his play mat. This weekend, though, was a big one! Henry found his feet on Friday, had his first swim on Saturday, and rolled over from back to belly on Sunday. The past three nights he’s slept from about 9:30 or 10 till 7:45AM!

I think we’re finding our groove. Henry rebounds well if we’re out and he misses a nap or if his “schedule” gets off a little bit. Being a mom is definitely a challenge for my personality – I love structure and predictability. In fact, I often feel lost without either of those, but I’m learning to be a little more flexible. 

Next up: solid food and sitting on his own. Each new thing is so exciting. Jesse and I are pretty proud of our sweet little guy!






2 thoughts on “4 months.

  1. Have you read the Moms on Call book?! Highly recommend for moms/babies who like routine and schedules! I use/used it all the time!

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