beards and adoption.

Henry has been keeping us busy! I was planning on writing out my experiences from the first month so I don’t forget how wonderful (and hard) it’s been, and in hopes of encouraging someone else who thinks every other mom has it together. But life happens so that will have to wait. For now, I just want to introduce you to two of our dear friends!

Meet Courtney and DJ.


Right after Jesse and I got married we started a home group with two other couples. Courtney and DJ were one of those couples. Courtney immediately became a dear friend – always checking in, encouraging me, and making me laugh!

Courtney and DJ are in the process of adopting a child from South Korea. They do a much better job at explaining why adoption and why international than I could, so please, please go read about that here.

As you can imagine adoption requires money – a good amount of it. Courtney and DJ have been thinking of ways to raise funds to bring this baby home and that led to A Beard for a Baby. A Beard for a Baby is a beard-a-thon. You read that right! Guys are encouraged to commit to growing their beards – no shaving – through No Shave November and try to get people to pledge money. People who pledge can commit to $10 a month ($60 total) or make a one time donation. You can read the rules and keep up with the contestants on their blog. The response so far has been really great, and I hope it keeps going! Most of the participants have been guys they know, but Bearded Gospel Men caught wind of it, posted the link on their Facebook page, and people they don’t even know are committing to the contest.

Jesse is officially a contestant. He already had a $30 pledge! The goal is to have 10 people pledge the $10 a month. If that happens, Jesse would help the Hofmann’s raise $600 just by growing his beard. Easy Peasy! I’ve already pledged, so we’re looking for 9 more people. Courtney and DJ have made subscription super easy on their blog – you can have $10 automatically drafted each month. So, join in the fun! And keep up with the beards each month.

Beards (especially epic beards) are awesome, but the heart behind this fundraiser is even better. So, consider donating and keeping up with their journey. I’ll try my best to keep updating this blog with Jesse’s beard progress. Here’s a little preview of what’s to come!

2013-03-02 19.43.42 2013-04-05 21.04.08


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