41… 42

For so long I’ve been fixated on March. Well, March is over and we are well into April. And if I’ve learned anything about myself it’s that I’m impatient!

Jesse and I have had some quality time together lately just laying low and for that I am grateful. I think we’ve gone through every emotion possible – or at least I have. Anxiety, fear, excitement, just so ready to meet our child – this baby we’ve been praying for since July 29th when we found out we’d be parents. This time last week I think we were both feeling pretty nervous – that “Oh crap, I’m about to be responsible for a person!” feeling. But now we just need to meet this kid!

My appointment last Wednesday went pretty well. The BPP was good. The midwife tried a couple of things to try and naturally jump start labor. Obviously that didn’t work, but she didn’t promise anything – so I won’t hold it against her :). Today we’ll go back and hopefully see what’s next. 42 weeks is it – the point we can’t go past. Eventually our baby will be here with us and that is good news!

When people ask us about our baby the questions usually go a little like this:

“When are you due?” The end of March.
“Oh, What are you having?” We don’t know.
“What?! I couldn’t do that!” or “Oh, I love that!”

And then immediately, “What do you think you’re having?” or “What do you want?”

We don’t know and we don’t care! But the old wives’ tales are kind of fun to play around with, so here are a few.

Are you carrying high or low? Middle to high, so the old wives say girl.

Is the heart rate above or below 140 beats per minute? Definitely above. Heart rate has been 150s-160s every time which means girl.

Are you craving sweet or sour? I don’t know how telling this one is, because every day of my life I want something sweet. That hasn’t changed since pregnancy. Once again, girl.

Chinese Birth Chart: Boy according to this link. But a girl according to this link.

Even and Odd: Apparently those Mayans have answers for everything, but how reliable they are – that’s still up in the air. The Mayans said if the age of the mom at conception and the year of conception are both even or odd, it’s a girl. If one is even and the other is odd, it’s a boy. I was 26 in 2012, so girl it is.

Morning Sickness: None, which means boy.

Neither of us really have an idea. I’ve had dreams about both, but we’ll know so soon! Most people who are closest to us think it’s a girl. All of my homeless friends at work told me it was a boy. What we know for sure – we won’t be disappointed either way!


just hanging out with my buddy. i am so glad he’s home with me during the day.



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