tick tock.

Anytime now, right? We are officially one week away from the due date. I am now on maternity leave. So, we wait… and I finally feel anxious – ready to meet this baby and know if we’ll be bringing Henry or Olivia home.

The next week(s) just require us to hang out and enjoy the end of this season as we transition into the next. Baby prep is done!


39 weeks.

I found a couple of links on Pinterest with great freezer recipes. I ended up picking a few from this blog, because they looked the easiest and like things we’d actually enjoy eating. I made 4 meals in less than an hour, so I definitely think this whole freezer meal thing will become a part of our routine. I pulled out all the ingredients, mixed them together and bagged them up. They all go in the crockpot (bless you little slow cooker), so I just labeled each bag with how long to cook each meal.


the supplies.


label and directions.

The nursery was the challenge – one I was eager to conquer, because so many people doubted that you could do “gender neutral”. We’re pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s honestly one of my favorite places to be now. I’ve already fallen asleep in the glider reading.



My friend’s mom made the bumpers and a quilt with fabric I ordered from babybedding.com. This was a huge blessing! Jesse had ripped up the nasty carpet and put down new flooring. He also built the side table and book shelves. And of course Roger’s portrait is hanging in the room, because baby M and Roger will be the best of friends. Jesse worked so hard to get the room ready, and it looks great.

And our nursery is so absolutely full because our friends and family have been so generous. I still can’t believe how many gift cards we have just waiting to be spent on things we need after the baby is here! We really can’t thank everyone enough!


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