36… 37… 38…

And next comes 39 – eek! As of yesterday, I am officially 38 weeks.

A couple of weeks ago our friends from church threw us a shower. We got the last few bits we needed plus loads of gift cards. We’re holding onto those for after the baby is here when we realize we didn’t think of something or prepare in some way.

That same day I helped host a shower for my dearest friend, Megan. The day was jam packed, and I was pooped, but it was all so worth it! She had a great shower, and was blessed with so many gifts. Her baby, Cruze, is due just 4 weeks after baby M. And they are destined to be best friends. They don’t really have a choice.

Later that week, my friends at work threw a surprise shower for me. I knew it was coming, but had no idea the extent of their planning. Betty had called my parents to get some of my old baby clothes, toys, and pictures to decorate with. They ordered Campisi’s for lunch. AND the icing on the cake… surprised me with Tiff’s Treats cookies and ice cream. Betty acted like she forgot the dessert (so of course I doubled up on pizza) and then in walks the Tiff’s Treats delivery guy with warm cookies. Oh. My. Goodness.

Other than lots of showers, we’ve been getting last minute stuff done here. Last weekend we hung everything up in the nursery. Today, Jesse installed some shelves. And I packed the baby’s bag and my bag. We’ll just need to pick up a few snacks (apples and peanut butter, yum!) before we go to the birthing center on D Day.

Thursday is my last day of work before maternity leave. After that my plans include: mani/pedi, car wash, make freezer meals, and grocery shop one last time. I know we’ll have meals provided for us, because we our community is incredible. But I think having some extra meals on hand will make transitioning a little bit easier. And my plan is to stock up on lots of household essentials (doubles of shampoo, soap, etc.) so that’s one last thing we have to worry about. What else should we be thinking of? I feel like my preference is to just chill and not worry about anything, but my little brain just won’t shut off. I think I’m trying to prepare as much as possible, because I know that when the baby gets here I’ll have no idea what’s going on and have no control or order for a little while.

More than anything I just want to hang out and spend quality time with Jesse while it’s just the two of us. Life’s about to get a little bit cray.



 A little nursery preview. Pee Wee is not staying.


 He is loving his new toy.



The set up at work. Other people brought their old toys and baby pictures to decorate with, too.


We’re getting used to driving around with this now.

photo 4-2

Megan and I at her shower.


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