35 weeks. already?

time has flown by. it’s nuts. 35 weeks along. just 5 weeks away from our due date, which is a loose term i know.

some of my dearest friends hosted a shower for me a few weeks ago. and i was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. especially the hostesses – my friends megan, monica, ashley, and wendy. we still want to get a few more things, but all of the basic necessities are covered. so thank you to everyone who has blessed us with a gift for lil’ baby.


the spread. food is important, y’all.


and just a couple of other shots from the shower.

so now i suppose the real countdown is on. and things are getting a little more real. jesse and i completed 6 weeks of birthing classes. my philosophy so far has been to not really think too much about anything, otherwise i’ll get completely overwhelmed and stress out. so far it’s worked out well. i don’t feel nervous about delivery. i’m just eager to meet this baby!

speaking of baby – he/she will have a place to sleep. the crib mattress came in this week, so the room looks a little more complete. we’re still waiting on our glider. and then i think we’re done for a bit until we know if baby m is henry or olivia. i really love the nursery. roger and i spent some time in there a few days ago admiring the bedding. today i framed some prints ordered from tinyfawn. they will look so great above the crib.


the cute new animal prints.


he really is the sweetest.

hopefully our glider will come in within the next week and the room will be done! clothes are washed. plenty of diapers ready to go. now all we need is baby m.

and finally… a belly picture from earlier today.



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