blogging for baby.

I’ve proven to be a horrible blogger. I gave it a go a few years ago, soon after Jesse and I got married, but it seemed so daunting. Partly because I’m not a great writer, and partly because I don’t feel like I have anything to write about. What in my life is so riveting that people need to read about? But on July 29th that changed. Jesse and I found out we were pregnant. I’ve been horrible at documenting anything so far in pregnancy – I mean, I’m already 7 months along and there haven’t even been any belly pictures. We have family and dear friends all over the country and across the world, so why not take advantage of technology and let everyone in on this little baby’s life? I’m sure there will be so many moments and things we want to capture and remember, and this an incredible tool to do so. Expect nothing profound!

We are excited about the next couple of months and eager to meet “Baby M”. I can catch you up fairly quickly as pregnancy has been fairly uneventful.

  • We found out on Sunday, July 29th.
  • Our due date is March 29th, but I’m hoping for March 28th because that was my grandpa’s birthday. And I just think that’d be special.
  • We’re not finding out the gender of the baby until he/she makes the grand debut. Surprises are fun. There are still plenty of cute baby clothes and things to buy.
  • No morning sickness. No awful weight gain. No cravings. And no back pain until just recently. See – pretty uneventful.
  • If baby is a boy, he’ll be Henry. If baby is a girl, she’ll be Olivia. Nice, classic, and English.

The countdown is on! Just a little over two months and we get to meet this little guy or girl. I can’t wait to see what baby m looks like and to see his/her little personality grow. And I’m so ready to see Jesse with this baby. I know he’ll be the best dad!

So, I’ll leave you with some photos to catch you up on the last several months.


1. We bought some special Root Beer the day we found out.
2. Our first sono, right at the end of the 1st trimester.
3. Roger, our dog. He was my birthday present from Jesse because we didn’t expect to get pregnant so soon. We got Roger on the 18th and found out we were pregnant 11 days later. Roger will be the best big brother!
4. Our bedding fabric for baby’s room. We’re pretty pleased with how the nursery is coming along. More pictures soon.
5. Our last hoorah. We we so blessed to spend a few days in Telluride, Colorado for one last trip just the two of us.
6. In September I took one last girls trip to Boston with Wendy. We went whale watching and saw 3 humpback whales. The barf bags were just props for our picture.
7. Our most recent sono.


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